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Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches are very strong, combining a menthol and wintergreen flavor. Our pouches are designed to provide instant and long-lasting flavor.

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Smokey Mountain Pouches

If you're a pouch dipper or a snus consumer, you'll be interested in Smokey Mountain Pouches. Smokey Mountain wintergreen and arctic mint pouches are discreet and easy to use. They are designed to provide explosive long-lasting flavor. Smokey Mountain Pouches are the result of our collaborative effort with Swedish XQ'S, a manufacturer and marketer of tobacco-free pouches in Sweden. Smokey Mountain developed the flavors and Swedish XQ'S applied their snus technology in order to deliver an exceptional tobacco-free pouch product designed for Americans.

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Made From:

Semolina (wheat), flavor (e.g., peppermint), menthol, chocolate (milk), corn, aspartame, licorice, xylitol, cayenne pepper.

Smokey Mountain Chew contains NO Tobacco or Nicotine.